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Asseco Spain - we know
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The company provides solutions in the Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Health, Education and Public Administration.

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We provide business development in the fields of mobility, design and marketing of proprietary software, integrated management of deployments, self-service systems and kiosks autoventa, support and service técnico.

Asseco Spain

Asseco es una multinacional con presencia en 52 países líder en el sector de las tecnologías de la información. Nuestro compromiso es ayudar a nuestros clientes en el desarrollo de sus proyectos ofreciendo soluciones integrales y de valor desde la máxima calidad y garantía. Con 20.000 empleados, la potencia de nuestros servicios nos ha posicionado como la sexta empresa vendedora de software en Europa (Informe Truffle 100). Actualmente las sociedades de Asseco cotizan en 3 bolsas distintas: Varsovia, Israel y NASDAQ Global Market.

In Spain, we are a team of 200 experts working daily with the main Ibex 35 companies . After more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we are positioned as a unique company with capacity to provide support for the projects and needs in different areas. Asseco Spain continues to grow steadily in its mission to help its clients with the maximum efficiency.


Asseco Spain manages the automation of processes and operations. Operational costs are reduced and clients gets a better service (queues disappearance, visits management and unattended packaging)

Integral Services

Asseco Spain provides National services for all type of projects, including both 24/7 Call service option and MDM management when necessary

Integration and monitoring

Monitor every business process related to equipment or systems. We also manage  the integration with owned systems or third parties.

Enterprise Mobility

Corporate mobile devices can be easily managed, obtaining security and higher levels of productivity

Software Development

We are one of the main software developers in the European market, where with a current positioning among the top 10 companies from 2009 until the present day.

Additional Solutions

Asseco Spain offers additionally HR solutions with tailor-made equipment as well as other types of packages for different sectors.