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Asseco Spain

Asseco Spain is a specialist in managing large deployments and IT business solutions; Media Services; Integration and Maintenance, Distribution and IT Support.

The company provides solutions in the Telecommunications, Banking and Insurance, Energy and Utilities, Health, Education and Public Administration. Our portfolio includes advanced solutions for management and development of HR programs (Internet Connected Home, Flexible Compensation, Employee Club, etc ...),in Mobility Business Solutions (ADM, TPV Runner, SAC Runner ... ) and Selfservice solutions (information kiosks, selfticketing, selfservice, selfchekin, software and tools for operation monitoring and control), proprietary software(Asseco Client Emulator, Smart Tracking & Protection, DocLog, QSYS Center,TSMonitor, TSAtlante. ..)

Asseco Spain has a dedicated logistical platform placed in Zaragoza (4500m2) and laboratory-workshop of 500m2 for IT mastering and integration. Our facilities are complemented by a complete service locations network (40 points nationally distributed), and a 165 technicians team that respond to the needs of our customers at any point of the country. Our broad portfolio of hardware, software and services allow us to offer fully integrated solutions tailored to their needs. This structure of multiple solutions make a Asseco Spain like the erfect partner.